Nurturing your Child Socially and Intellectually

Nourishing and cherishing your child also involves teaching him how to relate with his world so he can enjoy a blissful relationship with others. Teach him to be courteous, polite and respectful to others. 94 more words

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Nurturing your Child Emotionally

While providing for the child’s physical needs: food, shelter, and clothing (as discussed in the previous published article titled “Nurturing your Child Physically”) is a straightforward matter, providing for his emotional needs can be knotty. 80 more words

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Six (6) Tips for Maintaining Good Eye Health

Everyone, even young children, should get their eyes examined regularly. It helps you protect your sight and see your best. DO NOT take your eyes for granted. Protect it with these six tips: Eat for Good Vision Protecting your eyes starts with the food on your plate. Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc…

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Why God created Mothers

When God created Mothers, He made two loving arms – To cradle us and shelter us from the worldly harm. When God created Mothers, He made a pair of hands – To care for us and guide us through our choices and our plans. When God created Mothers, He made the warmest heart – To…

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FEAR has Torment!

The human heart of encumbered with fear and uncertainties. It’s so engrossed with the fear of the present and of the future that it’s always wondering what the next step in life would be. The fear of uncertainties are the more heightened by the unpleasant global events happening around us – the genocides, ritual killings,…

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Dealing with Menopause as a Woman

Menopause is a stage in aging which denotes the end of menstrual periods. It signifies the end of women’s child-bearing years. At this stage, the ovaries stop the usual monthly eggs production; and this marks the end of ovarian reproductive function. It’s important to note that menopause can only be confirmed with certainty after one…

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Investing in your Character

One of the wisest things to do in life is to note the things that give on the greatest dividends and then commit one’s resources to develop them. Successful people take advantage of their strength and do all they can to build on it. Our Character is of the most important assets we can ever…

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Do you want to be Successful? Develop these Character Traits!

To succeed in life, we cannot ignore CHARACTER. Just as some people failed for want of good character, there are others whose sound character was a plus that aided their success and promotion in life. It is therefore clear that having good character is important. Developing these twenty-six (26) character traits below, carefully represented by…

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