Srikant Krishna

As the case with many Gen-X developers (or perhaps even Baby Boomers), I’ve worked with a wide variety of programming languages, but almost invariably the development environment for large scale projects was C or C++, often glued together by a variety of scripts and build tools.

C and C++ suffer are detrimental from two ends of the same spectrum. With C, the standard library only provides eighty seven functions, and usually entire libraries have to be written or procured from a third party. The saying used to be that when you hire a C developer, you are really buying their libraries. Of course, the standards have changed, and the ubiquity of the internet makes it possible to procure and share well-tested code easily. C also suffers from platform-dependence. The primary advantage of C is its simplicity and exceptional speed, which
are consequences of its evolutionary proximity to assembly language which…

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