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POINT OF VIEW:     Women are hard and difficult to please but it all depends!

In the natural sense, women don’t seem as hard to please as long as they only have to ask for what pleases them once. Their list of demands, though complicated at times, is what it is. They just want us to follow along, quickly and efficiently. If they have to ask twice, things change. The fact is, the difficulty of the list of demands requested for really depends on the woman and whether or not you feel she’s worth the trouble. What often come with a displeased woman is lots and lots and lots of attitude. They often deny that its attitude, but they’ve never been on the other end of what they’re giving out and the problem with the attitude is it often leads to a separate argument. One that has nothing to do with our original conversation, and now we have two problems working and the chances of solving either before bed just got slimmer. Where we have the clash is between a woman’s attitude and a man’s ego.

“Doing all that lies within your power to always be ready to meet up with her demands (needful ones), whatever it cost you makes her feel happy and less difficult to please.”

The fact that grown men don’t like to be spoken to in a hostile manner about anything, even if they’re dead wrong and at the same time, women get upset about having to say the same thing over and over and over again to their man, even though he’s been that way since they’ve known each other is to be considered. Maybe I’m just a simpler kind of guy, but these things shouldn’t be as difficult to figure out. If you’re a woman with a man that needs a little coaching, prepare to tell him things more than once. If he’s the type that eventually gets it right, all you need is a little patience. If he’s not worth it, then we know what needs to happen. Dearie, if she’s a yeller, you gotta pay attention the first time around. We all hate to be nagged, but women have been the same since we were kids dealing with our mamas. If you do what they ask, there’s usually peace in the valley. If you don’t, it’s gonna be a long day and hell to pay. It’s a choice. One trying to understand the type of man/woman one’s dealing with is important.

  • Women typically want men to make more of a commitment to the relationship and to express their feelings about the intimacy. While, Men want women to be more sometimes or always sexually available, less moody and less talkative about their feelings and the details of their day.
  • Women want men to pay more attention and spend more time with them in an intimate, romantic and loving way. While, Men want women to “keep their word” and talk straight about what they want to do.

This desire to want your partner to be more like you results in conflicts. Unless you understand, honor and appreciate the differences in one another, you will be in conflict. It is inevitable because you, as a woman, will always crave more intimacy and communication. He will always crave your ability to get to the point and be less moody. Rather than compete, you can complement one another with your sexual differences. A man tends to be in his mind and focused. A woman tends to be in her emotions. In order to give love to one another they must meet in the common ground of the heart: love. Perhaps it would be good for men to become as emotionally expressive as women. Perhaps it would be good for women to say what they mean and not change their minds. This would make relationships easier, but it’s unlikely to happen very soon. In the meantime, men and women could practice giving and receiving love without trying to make their partner more like themselves.

Men want their women to be more like men; men mean what they say; their word is final. When a man shakes hands on something that’s that. It doesn’t matter if his emotions change. He carries through with the agreement-or knows that he has failed. Men become frustrated when a woman is too emotional to communicate her intentions clearly, or when she changes her mind:

“This is impossible! I want a woman I can communicate with! She drives me crazy! Why do they always say they will do one thing, and then do something else?”

He gets very frustrated. Meanwhile, she withdraws more and eventually closes down. A woman wants to feel a connection with her partner. She wants him to understand and validate her emotions. She wants to be felt. She wants to be loved. She wants him to be sensitive to her feelings rather than be so rigid about what she said she would do. Both men and women demand the other be more like them. The message is,

“Unless you are more like me, I can’t love you. Unless you stick to your word (or are sensitive to my feelings), I get angry (or hurt).”

Men aren’t difficult to love. I suggest that women learn to enjoy their man’s focus and direction because that’s how men are. But invite them out. Attract them into love. Fill their weary hearts with your energy. Your loving energy will loosen his rigid stance. His embrace will penetrate your emotions with love. For example, you might make a beautiful meal for your man. You sit down to eat together and he seems very grateful. He feels loved by you. Then, out of the comer of his eye he sees a magazine. He picks it up, starts reading, and suddenly he’s totally focused on reading. You’ll be hurt by this if you interpret his actions in terms that don’t apply to men. Instead, you must realize that he is probably not consciously turning away from you. He has become absorbed in a mode which is a liability of the masculine. He can’t help it. Your gift to him is to invite him out of his mode back into relationship with you, back into love.

Understanding each other differences is what matters:

Women tend to be more personal than men. Women have a deeper interest in people and feelings —building relationships —while men tend to be more preoccupied with practicalities that can be understood through logical deduction. Men tend to be more challenge-and-conquer oriented —competing for dominance. When a woman’s emotions have been trampled by her husband, she is often repulsed by his advances. The woman has a greater intuitive awareness of how to develop a loving relationship. Because of her sensitivity, she is initially more considerate of his feelings and enthusiastic about developing a meaningful, multi-level relationship; that is, she knows how to build something more than a sexual marathon; she wants to

be a lover, a best friend, a fan, a homemaker, and an appreciated partner.

Dr. James Dobson says there is strong evidence indicating the “seat” of the emotions in a man’s brain is wired differently than in a woman’s. By virtue of these two differences, men and women are miles apart emotionally and physically.


In a real sense, women are demanding. Women are more difficult to please than men it gets better when the both are aware of each other differences, understands each other and do what please each other. As a man, when you don’t pay attention to her and at least, listen to what she wants to say and make her feel loved and heard, then, they seem less difficult to please. As a female, know when he unconsciously ignore or get carried away and don’t conclude he doesn’t love you, rather,  invite him out of his mode back into relationship with you, back into love.


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