A Paper Prepared in Total fulfillment of the Promise made to My Most Honored, Valued, Prettiest & Most Desired lady,


Written By


Bachelors who have always maintain that it is better to live a comfortable life with a posh car to go with it than getting married and settling down. To them, marriage is a capital expenditure that needed enough time and cash to enter into and as such, they have always have the notion that maintaining a home(A Wife and Children) is more expensive to maintaining a car. I have come to realize that, under normal circumstance, for someone having a very good car (Maybe brand-new or fairly-used) has not much thing to fixed, provided the car is in a good new. Apart from having to

  •  Fueling the car.
  • Need for servicing the car at least one’s a month,
  • Checking the car from time to time and ability to detect and if need be, repair the ware-parts ;
  • Maintaining the car by washing, putting oil when necessary.

Apart from the above, we all know that there is no perfect system. One thing about electronic, electro-mechanical devices like the car is, they are unpredictable. Once in a while,

  • The break system or gear can fail;
  • Sometimes engine, battery problems and unbudgeted expenses as a result of a unexpected problems that needed to be fix could emerge.

A car can be more expensive when it is not in a good shape, which demands that you get rid of it and get a brand-new or close-to-a-new-one(good fairly used car) that has less trouble. Under normal circumstance, a lady is and should be more expensive because, ladies or “women” has a lot of “goodies” and “load” to reach for. Example: Money, Hair-do, Ice cream (“jejekuje”), recharge card, school fees (for the children), rent, clothes, creams, deodorants, among others. Your burden will be less in a case where the wife contributes financial (That is if she works and get paid, she may complements). Also, car can be abandoned and the expenses stops but for wife, she cannot be abandoned.

“Marriage is an institution some1 can never graduate from, except he drops out. The fees are paid till death…”

POINT OF VIEW: My WIFE is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. Once purchased (bride price paid) the gains are countless. There is no basis for this comparison. Your wife is your other half, (remember that the two (you and your wife) shall become one) your companion and the two of you have become one while your car is just a luxury, so why compare a car with your wife? Having a bad wife is as troublesome as having a bad car but they both play different roles in a man’s home and the wife is surely you. The fact or truth of the whole matter is,

  • The day you start describing your wife in monetary terms is the day you start losing it.
  • You can’t quantify emotions and convert them into monetary value.
  • The day you start seeing her as an expenditure/liability signals the beginning of trouble.
  • The day you start equating her to non living things is the beginning of failure.

You can’t place human and non human things on the same scale and expect a fair judgment. There is no correlation between the two, conscience wise. Everything is just wrong from a conscience point of view.


The place of a lady cannot be over-emphasized. They cannot be compared, Just like My Princess, Mary Faleye!


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