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4 Feb 2013
Andrew Purcell

On Friday 1 February, 2013, CERN and Oracle celebrated 30 years of collaboration. In addition to providing hardware and software to CERN for three decades, Oracle has now been involved in the CERN openlab project for 10 years.

Rolf Heuer and Loïc le Guisquet cut cake to celebrate 30 years of collaboration between CERN and Oracle (Image: CERN)

The celebration, which capped off the ‘IT requirements for the next generation of research infrastructures workshop’ held at CERN, saw CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer present Loïc le Guisquet, executive vice president of Oracle Europe, Middle East, and Africa with a small award to mark the occasion. Heuer presented Guisquet with an Oracle tape mounted in glass and marked with the following inscription: ‘LHC data are stored on Oracle tapes similar to the one presented on this award. This specific tape stores the videos of…

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