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Kuru Jerry.

What words describe ordinary to you? What words come to your mind when someone comes to you and says to you?

  • It’s an ordinary event,
  • He’s an ordinary person,
  • I went to an ordinary restaurant;

When I think about the words ordinary, I think about words such as, “Average”, “Common”, “Everyday”, etc… Now, when you are asked to describe the word “Extra-Ordinary”, what words come to your mind? When I think of the word Extra-Ordinary, I think of the words, “Amazing”, “Huge”, “Way above average”. Now, please note that, there’s not much difference between the word “Ordinary” and “Extra-Ordinary”. If there’s a message I will want to get to you, it is:

                               “For too long, too many people has thought that there’s a huge gap being Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary. They basically said, ‘I’m an ordinary person, I got an ordinary job, and I’m never going to be successful, I’m never going to be extra-ordinary, I’m never gonna do something that really make a difference; and they have made the gap way way way too wide”

There’s not much difference between ordinary and Extra-Ordinary. But that little difference makes a lot of difference in the following four areas:

  1. Respect
  2. Value
  3. Compensation
  4. Perception

Have you got to realise that the literal difference between an Ordinary and an Extra-Ordinary Person is the word “Extra”.

“Extra” means, “additional”, “Beyond what is usual”. What will happen if every one of us decides to move our life just a step up? What will happen if every one of us decides to move our life just one notch? Do the right thing at least better than we ever did it?

If >ORDINARY< People

  • Gave a Little Extra-Effort,
  • Spent a Little Extra-Time,
  • Sought a Little Extra-Help,
  • Possessed a Little Extra-Realism,
  • Made a Little Extra-Change,
  • Exercised a Little Extra-Thinking,
  • Showed a Little Extra-Attitude, &
  • Did A Little Extra-Planning,

They would become >EXTRA-ORDINARY<

(John Maxwell)


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