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Planning to bring in the New Year with your colleagues? Organising a party at home is a great idea if you want to add a personalised touch to the gathering. But obviously, you want to impress your seniors and make sure your co-workers have a good time. The difficult part is maintaining an informal atmosphere without letting things get unprofessional. Here are do’s and dont’s to follow if you are hosting a party for your co-workers at home.

The invites
Make sure you list out the details of the party clearly in the invite. Explain your address, give clear directions. Give your guests a definite time for the party. “If you are throwing a party for your colleagues, have it on the last working day of the week. This way people don’t have to worry about getting to work the next day and you will have high attendance,” says Utpal Vaishnav, a party planner.
Then they ate some?

The food
Make sure everyone is comfortable with the food you plan to put on the table. “Offer a variety of vegetarian food,” says party entertainer Mhelly Bhumgara. Serve dinner earlier than you would at a casual party. “If you are serving starters, keep them light. The main courses should be heavier,” says Vaishnav. Even if you don’t expect everybody you invited to attend, order enough food for your entire guest list. Running out of food can be embarrassing.

Driking rules
Since you need to serve dinner early, limit the amount of alcohol. “It is also safer since many people will drive back home. Wine is a good option for a sit-down dinner,” says Vaishnav. Give cocktails a skip; they are difficult to organise at an informal party. “Beer is a hot favourite,” says Bhumgara. Stock fresh fruit juices for those who don’t drink.

Keep the conversation going 
Don’t let the conversation revolve around work alone. “This is a time for you and your colleagues to unwind. Organise interactive games instead,” suggests Bhumgara.

Vaishnav recommends choosing topics that can include any family members who accompany your colleagues. Home decor, food, movies and other lifestyle subjects are a safe bet.


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