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Sensual Wisdom

TEXT: EXODUS 16:22-31

Key verse: “And it came to pass, that there went out some of the people on the seventh day for to gather, and they found none” (Exodus 16:27).

There are some Christians who feel that they need to apply what they call “wisdom” in obeying some commandments of God. They teach that it is not all the word of God that needs to be taken at face value and followed blindly. They argue that common sense at times need to be applied when obeying some teachings of the scriptures. Thus, when they want to give to God, they choose to preserve some resources  against the ‘rainy day’. No one can truly walk with the Lord and obey Him implicitly without real faith.     In our passage today, we find that some of the children of Israel lacked faith. God had instructed them to gather a double portion of the manna on the sixth day that would last them for two days. No one was to go out on the seventh day as they were to observe it as the day of rest. While some obeyed God, others chose to walk by sight. They ignored God’s instruction and decided to go out on the seventh day. Unfortunately for them, there was no manna, meaning they had to go hungry that day. They doubted God’s promise and faithfulness, maybe because they had previously witnessed some people who had earlier manifested the same unbelief.     Those who walk in unbelief usually go the opposite direction of the word of God and are usually the losers! If you have been playing smart by trying to apply worldly wisdom in obeying the word of God, you are rather foolish! You have not truly surrendered to God. Come over to the side of faith! There are no losers here! You can check out the faith hall of fame in Hebrews chapter 11 and you will see for yourself. Stop trying to be a wise fool; faith can never be wrong!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Those who walk in unbelief are great losers!


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