Quiz: Did You Let Mr Right Get Away?

  By TNN

In the film What’s Your Number?, Ally (Anna Faris) looks to her ex-loves to see if one of them is the man of her dreams. If you also wonder if a past partner is worth a second look or if the break-up happened for a reason, take this quiz. Find out whether you have trouble moving on or if you actually did let Mr Right great pass you by…
1) A few years ago you had a thing for that hot gym instructor. You see him again and he’s talking to a female client. You: 
a) Run away, hopefully before he spots you. How could he still be doing the same thing?
b) Play it cool and act like you’re way over it, even though you still dig him.
c) Smack the woman who’s flirting with your man.

2) You look up a guy on Facebook that you used to love and find out he’s married with kids. You: 
a) Log out so you’re not even tempted to get in touch.
b) Send him a flirty message. He’d probably be willing to leave his family for you.
c) Don’t get in touch but torture yourself by looking at his page — and photos of his kids — at least once a day.

3) A guy you were with was also in love with your friend. 
a) You’ll always have a feeling he’s still in love with your friend. Get RID of him.
b) Why not. If you’re friend’s getting married, he’s available, right?
c) Go for him. You have similar tastes — if he can love her, he can love you too.

4) When you break up with someone it means: 
a) It wasn’t meant to be, regardless of who did the breaking up.
b) This is temporary. You will have some flings and then get back together.
c) You want him back A.S.A.P. You don’t realise what you’ve got till it’s gone.

5) If your relationship wasn’t working. You’d: 
a) Break up.
b) Try to communicate better in one attempt to work through it.
c) Take some time apart and see if distance makes the heart grow fonder.

6) Someone who tries to make every love interest work is:
a) Desperate
b) Obsessive
c) Optimistic

7) With a past relationship you never truly got closure. How did you handle it? 
a) You put him in your phone as “a-hole”. In case he ever called it would remind you not to answer.
b) You gave yourself closure by accepting that he’s just not the one.
c) Years later you still e-mail him asking what happened.

8) A guy likes you and you’re able to be yourself around him. That means: 
a) It’s too comfortable. Keep looking. There’s someone better out there.
b) This guy is a strong possibility while you keep looking.
c) He’s the one. If he likes you, he’s the one.

Your score:

Mostly As 
Sour Grapes?
You’re classy, ambitious and looking for romance. For you, past relationships ended because they were supposed to. You’re moving on, now with more satisfaction in yourself. Or is that bitterness? Check in with yourself to see if you have shut yourself down or are really open to the new. If you are being open but focused, then you can be confident that The One did not get away and is about to be in your orbit.

Mostly Bs
The over thinker

You may be nostalgic for someone in the past. Maybe you regret your behavior or still can’t figure out why they went away and find it hard to move forward. Maybe they were just the last best thing and there’s no one new to like so you wonder whether you missed the boat. Figure it this way: The One may have gotten away but that was The One for back then, not for who you are now. To meet the man of your dreams, let go of the regret.

Mostly Cs
History buff

It’s not about becoming who they want you to be, it’s about honoring the person you already are. You seem to have a problem letting go of past relationships, while fully knowing that you are likely idealizing them and selectively leaving out the things that didn’t work for you. This is a great time to regroup and be receptive to the new love waiting for you.

Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images


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