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“Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.”

(Proverbs 17:13)

When David defeated Goliath and brought victory to the children of Israel, there was jubilation in the camp and the nation was thrown into great ecstasy. The women went about singing and dancing. They praised David who God used to deliver them from the intimidation of Goliath and his countrymen. This spectacular gallantry should make King Saul relieved, but he was instead displeased with reactions of the women and the entire nation. In bitter jealousy he was determined to kill David to eliminate every possibility of rivalry or threat to his throne.

Are you guilty of resentment and bitterness towards other people because of their success? Repent of your sins and forsake them immediately. No evil doer will escape God’s judgment. Every evil deed will receive a just recompense of reward.

Don’t think evil

Don’t talk evil

Don’t join in evil

Don’t plan evil

Don’t act evil

Depart from evil.

Challenge:                   Never allow envy to rule your heart.

Prayer:                        Lord, incline not my heart to any evil thing.

Further Readings:        Psalm 34:14—21

Quote:                Are you guilty of hatred towards others?


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