Pros and Cons of a Live-in Relationship

Pros and Cons of a Live-in Relationship

By Ms Amor

So you think living together is the best option before you choose to walk down the aisle with him. But did you know this kind of an arrangement can change the entire dynamic of your relationship? A live-in relationship not only gives a couple the chance to make the right decision when it comes to marriage, but also allows them to discover the finer nuances of life. If you are planning to move in with your partner anytime soon, then here are a few pros and cons you may want to consider.

  • Pros


It allows you to spend more time together: With committed work lives and busy schedules, sometimes it becomes too difficult to make time for that special man in your life. But in a live-in relationship, you do not have to worry about spending time together. No matter how tiring your professional life is, you will be glad to find someone waiting for you at the end of the day.


Helps you know each other better: A date or two may allow you to know your man partially. But, a live-in couple has the benefit of knowing each other much more than a regular Saturday night dinner. Sharing the same house can often be a win-win situation for a couple who wish to learn about each other’s habits, lives and more.



Finances are taken care of: Living separately may mean paying separate bills. But one of the primary advantages of a live-in relationship is that you can share house rent, electricity and grocery bills. So if you are planning to move in together, you may want to go right ahead and reduce the financial pressure by living in a common space.


Acts like a compatibility test tool: Living together is a step that comes after much time and thought in a relationship. But do you know if your partner is the right choice for marriage? A live-in relationship is the perfect platform to discover if you are compatible enough with your partner to share a lifetime together.

You can have more sex: There are a lot of perks of being in a live-in relationship. Moving in together will give you the freedom to spice up your bedroom quotient for sure. Physical intimacy plays a crucial role in building trust and comfort in a couple’s life. It also helps you shed your inhibitions when it comes to fulfilling your sexual desires.
  • Cons

May take away the excitement after marriage: Live-in couples who are considering marriage in the long run, this one is for you. Sometimes moving in together may take away all the little surprises your relationship has in store for you once you decide to get hitched. To simply put it, a live-in relationship may take away the excitement after marriage.
oint decisions may lead to legal issues: The negative consequences of living together are most likely to surface once you break up with your partner. So if you have jointly invested in property with your partner, chances are that you may end up in legal complications if you fall out of the relationship.
A common space may create fights: Sharing a common space with a man 24X7 may sometimes becomes claustrophobic, especially if you are not legally bound to each other. This may result in fights between couples, often ruining the relationship.


Societal criticism: Though live-in relationships are slowly gaining legal acceptance in India, a majority of the population is yet to embrace couples who choose this kind of arrangement. As a matter of fact, live-in relationships are still a cosmopolitan affair, and restricted to big cities.

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