6 School Rules to Apply at The Workplace


6 School Rules to Apply at The Workplace


Whether you were a front bencher at school, or the one that jabbered through class, the life that most of led back then, is regimented and organised. Well, you know what… it’s time to get back to it. According to our experts, going back to school is one of the best ways, to guarantee a better future in your workplace. As clinical psychologist, Seema Hingorrany, says, “You may or may not have done exceptionally well in studies, but your life would was better planned in school. There were rules to follow. There was a fixed routine in place. Besides, parents and teachers always ensured that you do your work sincerely on time, while that may happen in your professional life.” So go ahead, and be your own parent. You’ll be surprised to see the effect it has on your professional life.

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