Is Gossiping at the Workplace Dangerous?


Is Gossiping at the Workplace Dangerous?


Gossiping is considered to be a great stress buster. It is believed that when people talk and discuss about what is happening in their life and the lives of people around them, it helps them to de-stress. For some, it is a harmless pastime while for others, their day doesn’t end till they get their daily dose of gossip.

Says psychologist Seema Singh, “People who are in a habit of gossiping take up some random topic which either they would want to know about and then get in more people involved so they can get some sort of information about the same. And once they know the partial truth about that matter, they go and open their mouth and make it sound like some sort of speculation.”

Ask feature writer, Latika Payak and she says, “It’s best to load yourself with so much work that you don’t have time for gossiping. If you do not like the person in front of you gossiping, make the ugliest expression as soon as he/she starts. In fact, I have put a poster on my desk which says — No Gossip Zone.”

The key is to know when it goes out of hand as it may backfire you professionally. Try and stop that gossip session when:

  • The gossip is disrupting the work atmosphere
  • It’s hurting your co-workers feelings
  • It ends up damaging interpersonal relations
  • It demotivates a fellow worker’s morale.


Author: Tanya Datta


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