THE SUCCESSORS (for Utme Candidate)




The book explores the significant shift that occurs in inheritance as a means of showing the challenges that patterns succession – displaying how at the end, one has to choose a path that either leads to success or failure. The beauty, ugliness, morality or otherwise of the path is not the ultimate message in this book. ‘The Successors’ is the story of who comes next and how they got there – in this case, the fictional life history of Okoh Ameh and Terkura Atsen and the succession by David and Ifenne. And what did they learn – that Industriousness and hard work pays. So, as I mentioned earlier, the story is mainly of these two young men Okoh Ameh and Terkura Atsen who met in a hotel as junior workers. Terkura is very ambitious and dreams of one day owning a hotel as big as the one he is working in. Okoh on the other hand is the opposite – very unassuming. All Okoh wants is to do well at his job, get promoted, marry a nice and obedient girl with whom he’ll forever live happily. All these he did but because of his limited ambition, he feels inadequate as he observes that his mates, Terkura inclusive, had done very well for themselves. Inferiority complex thus drives him into drinking and womanizing. So much so that he neglects his family. As a consequence of his neglect, his eldest son joins a gang, begins to skip school and took to smoking marijuana. This drives Okoh further into despair. Terkura on the other hand goes on to finish university and is lucky to meet a benevolent who helps further fuel his ambition. He becomes very rich and influential. Although, he never got married nor had children to bequeath his wealth. Ifenne, son of Okoh continues in the difficult and destructive path his father had charted for him. He struggles at every turn to make ends meet. He becomes a bus conductor and in a twist of faith, manages to own a bus of his own. Terkura, transfers his wealth to his nephew David. And the young man overwhelmed by the magnitude of his disposable wealth embarks on a frivolous life style that sees him flying all over the world, attending and holding the most ostentatious and lavish parties. In an ultimate twist and the author’s design, Ifenne and David join up and put together a grand plot beyond everyone’s expectation




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