Paul Ryan: NSA Phone Records Monitoring Is ‘Creepy’.

Rivers of Hope

The National Security Agency program allowing a blanket monitoring of phone records is “fairly creepy” former vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan says.

“To do a blanket dragnet nationwide — that seems to go way beyond the scope of the law that I’m familiar with called the Patriot Act,” the Wisconsin Republican congressman told Racine-based WRJN-AM radio.

Ryan said he understands that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court needs powers to go after suspected terrorists and the people that they are communicating with, but revelations that all records are swept up seems to go too far.

“There’s so much to learn yet. The many questions have to focus on civil liberty,” Ryan told the radio station.

“You always favor Americans’ civil liberties,” Ryan said. “The point is, is this necessary? Is this legal? Does this comport with the spirit of the law? Those are the kind of questions we have…

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