Career Vs Baby

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Carreer Vs Baby

Every time he pops the question, your answer is no. He wants a baby and you prefer your career. You have too much work and no time for a kid. Maybe you should consider it after all, if a recent research study is any indication. Stress = low fertility

The study suggests that women who are more career-oriented and are exposed to stress have less chances of conceiving. The study took into consideration around 37 different populations! And there?s a scientific angle to it too.

Hormonal hassles

In a working woman?s hormonal tract, androgens that kick-start puberty usually result into more of androgynous figures. These androgens start replacing oestrogen hormones, usually responsible for sexual reproduction. Sounds too biological? It simply means that the cycle of reproduction gets disturbed.

Expert talk

Gynaecologist Dr Anita Soni throws some light on it. She says it?s the time-factor that causes problems. ?Women are always facing stress, but with a working woman, it?s more as she has to balance her family as well as work. So stress and fatigue is more, with no time for family life. So they keep pushing baby plans further?. She also states that the chance of conceiving after 35 years of age is risky.

Weight ’n’ watch

Stress fuels the tendency to put on weight. The study has also revealed that women who are over-weight face complications while ovulating. So, it makes sense to keep your weight under control. Hit the gym and exercise.

But careers count…

Rama Srikanth, a 28-year-old journalist says, ? It’s a fact, but it’s all about priorities. Right now my focus is career, so other plans take a backseat.?

?Kids mean more responsibility,” says Sanjana Parkar, a 30-year-old professor. Sanjana is of the opinion that if there are prior responsibilities to be fulfilled, planning a baby can never be sudden decision.

“I know the clock is ticking for me, but I will take my own time,” she adds. Rashmi Rajwade, a 32-year-old banker says, ?This study is a wake up call for women like us who take it lightly. Everything has a time, but too much delay is harmful.?

Beat it

We suggest all our Divas to keep stress at bay, and make work more fun. Try relaxation techniques, organize your work life, depute work or try yoga. No one can beat women at multi-tasking. Just do it with care and concern for yourself.

So, don’t stop moving up the career ladder, just “plan”. Whether you want kids or prefer dogs, strike a balance and keep stress at bay!


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