Fun Ways to Bond as a Family.


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Fun Ways to Bond as a Family

By Sumitra Nair, Team iDiva

Family dinners, outings and get-togethers can easily turn children into li’l devils who love to run and scream around. Most of the time, you or your spouse end up chasing after them and it ends with a tired you and angry kids. Here are five fun ways you can bond with your family.

Book Readings
Book readings are a great way to spend time if you have kids above five years. In fact, this is a great way to bond irrespective of age as even uncles, aunts and grandparents can join in. Pick any fairytale or fable. Like, Alice in Wonderland. Assign a character to each person. This way everyone gets to participate instead of being passive listeners. You could also ask the readers to modulate and add sound effects as they read and then give a prize to the one who does it the best!

Alternately, you can also have a what if contest; wherein each reader can modify the story their way. Eg. What if the hare won the race instead of the tortoise or if Cinderella’s stepsister managed to go to the ball?

Board Games
Dig out old indoor games like carrom, snakes and ladders, monopoly and risk. These can be played with more than four players. Fighting over property to be bought and countries to be conquered is a fun way to bond. If you are going on a trip to a farmhouse, gather your extended family and play a game of football, cricket or basketball.

Do Charity
Volunteer for a blood-drive, food drive or get your mother/sister to sign up to spend time at an old age home or help street kids. Doing something for others selflessly gives you a different perspective. You will value and appreciate one another better.

Do Chores Together
Give the maid the day off and do all the household chores together. Put everyone in charge of something. Kids aged between five and 13 can arrange tables and dust, older kids can help you chop vegetables and mop/vacuum and so on. Things may not turn out the way you planned them to; but you can always show them how it is done. And a little change is always good, right?

Go Camping
Camps and treks are activities where you can include extended family as well. It is a good way for your children to know their cousins and bond with them. It is definitely a breather from ‘have’ to talk to each other at weddings and birthdays. An informal environment will make it easier for them to talk. They may even find common interests and make plans to meet of their own! It is also a great time to share anecdotes and play games like pictionary and dumb charades.

Family time doesn’t have to be part of a dull routine. A little out-of-the-box thinking can make for fun memories.

Which is your favourite way to bond as a family? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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