Healthy Ways to Reward Your Kids.

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Healthy Ways to Reward Your Kids

By Team iDiva

Do you hand out candy to your little one every time she eats her food by herself or does her homework on time? Well, that might not be such a good idea. According to a recent study by, parents who give sweets or snacks to their children as a reward for good behaviour could set them up for a life of obesity problems.

What’s more, this widely-used tactic can lead to a bad adult diet, low self-esteem and eating disorders, concludes the same study.

We say ditch the candy and try out these alternative, healthy ways to ensure good behaviour without getting into the sweet-reward trap!

1. Extra playtime
This could be a big incentive for your child to finish her homework early just so that she can have that extra playtime. Kids are bound to love this reward in spite of it being non-materialistic.

2. A book or toy
Reward your child with a book or a toy. The former will establish a good reading habit. But just in case he’s not into reading, buy him his favourite toy. He’ll be ecstatic. Of course, make sure this doesn’t become a practice though.

3. Reward weekends

Let your child accumulate rewards and cash them in over the weekend. An animated movie, a play date with her best friend, an evening at the beach – let your child choose her reward and you can fulfill her wish on your day off from work!

Do you have a healthy alternative way to ensure good behaviour in kids? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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