Is It OK to Work Out During Pregnancy.

Is It OK to Work Out During Pregnancy

By Rituparna Roy Deshpande, Team iDiva

You love to exercise and are one of those who’d not skip a day in the gym. But hey what if the doctor comes ringing with the “Congrats, you are pregnant” news amidst all this? Being the fitness freak that you are, slowing down or discontinuing your exercise routine may seem like the best solution during pregnancy. However, talking to your gynaecologist and a personal trainer who you can trust completely, also helps!

Working out during pregnancy has magical benefits – it not only prepares you for childbirth, but also lifts your mood. Having said that, is it okay to work out during pregnancy? Check out the things that you need to keep in mind.

Gynaec talk: If you have been exercising for a while, then it is perfectly fine to go ahead with your regular workout routine. But the same is not advised if you are suffering from complications in your pregnancy. Rashmi Uttam, ACE (USA) certified trainer says, “Only after you get a clearance from your doc should you start prenatal exercises, and that too from the second trimester.” Moreover, putting your baby’s health at risk is not worth all the trouble.

Eating right: Exercising without following a balanced and nutritious diet is a big no-no! And while it is okay to gorge on those extra calories, (never mind the sweet cravings!) remember that a fitness regimen is naturally going to help you shed those extra pounds. Eat healthy and wholesome meals comprising proteins in the form of poultry, lentils and fish. “Make sure your diet is calcium-rich and has adequate iron too,” adds Rashmi.

Workouts to opt for: Did you know that some light stretching exercises will help you breeze through those nine months of pregnancy? Don’t let body aches bog down the best of you, instead opt for workouts to keep you fit and cheery. Rashmi suggests, “Your fitness goal should not be that of weight loss, instead it must prepare you for labour. Don’t push yourself too much and prevent your body from over heating. Most women can continue low-impact cardiovascular training like walking, swimming, cycling and Pranayam, but under the guidance of a professional.”

Comfy clothing: If you are planning to workout in those figure-hugging gymwear, then here’s a piece of advice for you. Choose loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that helps you breathe during a workout session. Also, invest in a good pair of footwear that will help you get a grip, for you never know you may have outgrown your shoe size due to swelling. “Exercising during cooler times of the day is a good option as it doesn’t leave you feeling sweaty,” adds Rashmi.

Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty images


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