How to Be Happy Everyday!

How to Be Happy Everyday!

By Nona Walia

Happiness is not about an event, a person or a phase in your life. You can have happiness ergardless of what is going on around you. But happiness does not come easy to everyone. Sometimes happiness needs to be consciously practised. Here’s how to be happy everyday!

Forecast your feeling
Being happy is all about having the guts to forecast your feelings. Talk about your moods and  then change their frequency.

Says spiritual guru BK Shivani, “Most of the happiness in life today is ‘up’ happiness, and is closely followed by ‘down’ sorrow. ‘Up’ happiness is usually induced by and dependent on something outside ourselves – a person, an event (my team won) or a substance. It’s always followed by a ‘down’ sorrow. Simply choose to be content with the way things are outside and around you. Choosing this kind of contentment means not beating yourself up emotionally, and not trying to fix others mentally or verbally.”
The Mood Indicator
Every one hour ask yourself, “How is my mood?” Says film director Bhavna Talwar, “Find joy in little things and overcome life’s unending obstacles with a smile. Keep doing little things that make you happy.”

Don’t watch others
Jealousy can destroy your happiness. It really isn’t the recipe for happiness. Says actor Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, “For me, it’s about living my life exactly the way I want to, on my own terms, doing all the things that make me happy.”

BK Shivani adds, “When you spend time watching others it’s too easy to become a little envious, to want what they have, to aspire to be what they are. You cannot be someone else, you cannot find real, happiness and contentment in a moment of achievement – a high yes – but not real stable, contentment. Simply be yourself – be content with yourself, accept yourself. When you are you, then you become phenomenally attractive to others and the world will come to sit at your feet and serve your every need.”
Feel gratitude
Ashok Chopra, CEO of Hay House believes, “The secret is simple: feel the gratitude and be grateful. It helps you live in the now. The first step is to be self-aware.” Says art critic Shobha Deepak Singh, “For me, I say a prayer of thank you ever moment. It gives me amazing peace.”
Don’t be dependent
Don’t depend on other people to make you happy. There’s bound to be disappointment. Says Ma Naina of Osho: “We are taught to make our happiness dependent on some event, condition, person, object etc. This is why we keep delaying our happiness until things are just right in our life. And that’s why, in order to be happy we must make our happiness a decision and not a dependency.  Connect with yourself.”


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