What Your Sleep Position Says About You


What Your Sleep Position Says About You

According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, the position in which you sleep may be linked to your personality type. The professor and his research team recently conducted a study that analyzed the sleep patterns of 1,000 subjects. Here’s what the study found:

The Freefall
Those who sleep face-down with their arms and legs to the side (a position known as ‘the freefall’) are often “extroverted and brash”; they may appear nonchalant on the surface, but deep down they’re sensitive and tend to take criticism very personally. They are also less likely to experience stomach troubles, since sleeping face-down aids the digestive process.

The Fetus
People who sleep curled up on their side (‘the fetus’) ― like the free-fallers ― have a tough outer shell that conceals a soft, gooey filling. They also have a hard time instantly connecting with people. This was also the most common position, despite the fact that ‘the fetus’ can cause organ stress; physicians recommend sleeping on the right side if this is your position of choice.

The Log
Lying on your side with straightened legs and arms extended downward
(‘the log’) is indicative of social charisma; these folks are typically laid back and conversational. However, they may be a little too easy-going, and fall victim to other people who might be out to get the best of them. This position is good for people with chronic back pain, since it allows the spine to completely straighten out.

The Yearner
People who sleep on their sides with outstretched arms (‘the yearner’) are at once open-minded and deeply cynical. They often struggle with crucial decisions as a result, but hardly ever regret their ultimate choices. ‘The yearner’ can benefit people with acid reflux and sleep apnea.

The Soldier
Individuals who choose to lie on their backs with arms and legs sprawled to the side (‘the soldier’) are often reserved, if not complete introverts. They celebrate accomplishments with minimal fanfare, and abide by a strict (one might say, militaristic) personal code of conduct and performance. Unfortunately, this may also be the most problematic position; it can lead to snoring, breathing problems, and other issues that can affect the quality of your sleep.

The Starfish
Finally, those who lie on their backs with their arms extended above their heads (‘the starfish’) are, among other things, great listeners. They’ll usually be happy to lend a hand, even if it means not getting any credit for helping out. The downside: like ‘the soldier’, ‘the starfish’ can induce snoring and respiratory difficulties.

Is this true of you and your sleeping position? Or is Professor Idzikowski’s study way off base as far as you’re concerned?


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