10 Questions Moms Should Ask their Kids Everyday

Asking questions will encourage kids to share

10 Questions Moms Should Ask their Kids Everyday

By Mansi Zaveri.

Asking questions will encourage kids to share

Parents often hear monosyllabic answers when they ask their kids about their day. The answer “fine”, “okay” or “good” doesn’t tell us enough to know what our kids really did during the day while they were away. As a parent, I was curious to know how my child spent her day at school.  My husband always has an interactive session with the girls about how his day was and shares even the minutest details about his office, meetings, boss and lunch. At first, I would wonder how a three-year-old would articulate all that. But now when my daughter is six-years-old and the two chat about this every single day, I love to watch them exchange notes about their daily routine. Taking inspiration, I soon followed the same exercise of asking questions. I realised that it is extremely interesting to know the stories that kids have to share. Now, my daughter looks forward to each of these questions and in return I get to know more about her likes, dislikes, friends, class room conversations, bus rides and all the naughty things she does throughout the day.


Here are the 10 Question I make a point to ask my kids every day and you should too.


1. Highlights of her day at school – Three best and three not so good things that happened?


2. Naughty things on the bus ride.


3. What physical activities did she do today?


4. Three good things and three naughty things she did.


5. One thing that she did better today than earlier/the day before.


6. Who made her happy and who made her sad in school?


7. What did all her friends get in their snack box today? (Helps her realise that others are eating a variety of foods, some of which she may like while others are disliked. It also helps me get ideas on snack box options.)


8. Three new things that she learnt today: A word, a lesson/fact, about her friends, about herself, this could be about anything at all.


9. One act of random kindness she is proud of.


10. One wrong thing that Mom and Dad did today.


The answers will not only surprise you, but also enlighten you about your child’s experiences during the day. Morever, it will even serve as feedback from a totally unbiased soul.


Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images


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