Questions Live-in Couples Should Ask Before Marriage

live_in_coupleThere a few things you may want to know before getting married to your live-in partner

Questions Live-in Couples Should Ask Before Marriage


So you have been living together for quite some time and wish to get hitched! However, remember marriage may change quite a few things between the two of you. Here are questions live-in couples should ask before marriage.

Are you okay with not tying the knot at all?
Do you believe in marriage or do you think it’s an outdated concept? Whichever side you decide to pick, can determine the course of your relationship.

Does the thought of a divorce scare you?
Children who have seen their parents go through a bitter divorce or are born in broken families, sometimes let that negativity creep into their own relationships. Marriage to them is nothing but a binding contract with no way out. The thought of being trapped in a relationship with a permanent tag to it scares them and they would rather opt for a live-in instead. If that’s your reasoning, make sure your partner is aware of that and is on the same page as you, and is not looking at this as the first step to wedded bliss.

Are you scared that marriage might ruin your relationship?
Don’t pay attention to friends who tell you that getting married ruined their relationship, as their relationship got ruined because they ruined it, not because they got a legal document that made them commit to each other.

Are you scared that your sex life will suffer after marriage?
Your sex life is what you and your partner makes of it, irrespective of whether you are married, living together or simply monogamous.

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