Seven (7) Ways of Circumventing Business Problems

Most business failures are caused by the entrepreneur through personal mistakes or shortcomings. Research has shown that about 52 percent of all business failures are due to management issues. 83 more words

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Capital for Entrepreneurs

One of the great factors that turns proper off when thinking of establishing a personal business is the fear of where to get capital. However, provision of capital should not discourage us from the great possibilities that can be ours though entrepreneurship. 71 more words

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Character traits of Prospective Entrepreneurs

Today’s world is not one that encourages anyone to sit with arms folded. Even with the prevalence of white collar jobs, it is expedient to acquire entrepreneurial skills, which can be used as a means of generating extra income. Records of the world’s most successful men and women today do not reveal people who sat…

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Child’s Developmental Stages: Help for New Parents

Emotion runs high on the day your new baby comes into the world. But, these emotions vary. Mother is happy, smiles down at the little creature cradled in her arms. Father is excited, throws his fist in the air. He is now a dad! Baby cries, she is scared stiff by all the eyes peering…

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Pregnancy: Keeping it ALL through

God is interested in the fruitfulness of man. And one way He has designed for man to be fruitful is through childbearing. Because God never abandons any project he undertakes, His intention is that pregnancies are carried to full term. But, what do we see today? Some pregnant women are unable to keep their pregnancies…

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The Good Daughter-in-law’s Disposition

After treating the topic: The Good Mother-in-Law’s Demeanour, I thought it wise addressing the Daughter-in-laws too. “Relationship with in-laws is meant to be on the basis of love, which is the foundation on which the marriage union was founded in the first place.” The wise man has this to say to every daughter-in-law who…

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The Godly Mother-in-law’s

It is the prayer of every woman to live long enough to see her children marry give her grandchildren. When, therefore, God in His mercies grants your this privilege, you must ensure you don’t misuse it. Mind you, there are many mothers who labour harder than you do right now, but don’t have such…

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The Price of Peace

Peace is an expensive asset everyone seeks to possess. In fact, nations of the world spend very huge amount of money seeking for peace, yet true peace comes from God alone. Anyone or family that seeks inward peace or a peaceful coexistence with others first must have the peace that comes from God. The woman…

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10 Ways of Retaining Sparks in your Marriage

Marriage is sweeter, stronger and more beautiful where friendship exists. It is that friendliness that enables you to share your life and experiences with your spouse. It affords the partners the opportunity to serve, love, admire, honour, and support each other in life’s endeavours. But then, friendship in marriage is not automatic. It just doesn’t…

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Dwelling with your Wife with Knowledge

Somebody said: “A woman is like a rose, if you treat her well, she will bloom; otherwise, she will wither.“ True as these words are, many men, even the married ones don’t know how to treat women. Often times, the society is quick to blame women for the waning joy in the home, but there…

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