Singles Story





Hey ladies’, seriously…..A man or guy from an idiopathic aetiology or maybe even a Known one suddenly approaches you out of the blue or maybe gradually and systematically rhythms his Bio-Chemistry with you and establishes the Un-breakable bond with you that you literally cannot spend a day without hearing from him or sending him an sms, you two had become one of the most busiest subscribers the telephone company had on their list and after a period of interactions here and there he then escalates to confesses His ”So Called” Un-dying, Un-Hasting, Un-lacking, Un-resting, Un-wasting, Un-ending, Un-moveable, Un-shakeable, Un-resistible, Un-you name it ”Love” for you….WOW, I can only imagine how ecstatic you were on that day, under that tree or in that cafe or maybe in his house or even yours, wherever it was, i see you smiling in Love, oh yea….You were really in Love!  All of a sudden, he takes you into an Un-Holy affair after convincing you that it would be that once and that’s all, and then he handed you those little Blue Pills to take as a preventive measure, when you still saw your next menses, you were happy and praised yourself to be a ”Smart Girl”, with your new founded way of escape you fully opened your legs to Him like Un-eternally never stopping! and then breaks the promise he gave you that he wasn’t going to defile your Un-defiled bed and body, after the whole Bio-Chemical reactions have finally subsided he began acting Un- welcoming and Un-friendly, you begin to worry and ask questions and he tells you ”Oh sweetie have just been going through a lot lately’.’

At first you understand and later on begin to find things really wired, I mean like he becomes Un-answering calls and Un-replying your sms, yep he becomes a ”Wierdo”…..What a Shock! Ok so you confront him day and night, and after you became Un-avoidable to him he finally lets the cat out of the bag….he goes like this ”Hmmm Hmmm I don’t really know how you are going to take this but, Hmm I think i really need some space to think my life through and through” and you go ”What!!!” and he goes ”Actually….give me space and time” and then you begin to cry and scream at him, but because he’s got his mind all made up he feels no empathy for you (save your tears) and finally he leaves you heart-broken, and now the ”So called”

  • Un-dying has died, Un-Hasting has been hasted,
  • Un-Lacking has lacked, Un-resting is rested, Un-wasting has been wasted,
  • Un-ending is about to end, Un-moveable is dangling seriously,
  • Un-shakeable is fatally shaking, Un-resistable could not stand a sensual touch,
  • Un-you name it has been named…..

What a Shock! Saddening still he leaves you with an Un-wanted pregnancy forcing you with the un-righteous option of committing an un-imaginable abortion, or if noticed on time compels you to take the ”Strong Blue Pill” a.k.a ”The Flusher” (you know what am talking about) to kind of but yet ”Flush out and evacuate” the little cutie in you, which has a whole life, dream, ambition and future ahead of her or maybe him (who knows…) thereby not making you only a Fornicator and a Murderer, but also an assassinator of destiny!….What a Shock! So the next time you are going this direction you had better see the end from the beginning, but you say ”Well am not God” and i say ”after reading this you are now a kind of God to your life”

Ladies Shine Your Eye’s….The Day’s are Evil!!!!

ACT RIGHT…HEART RIGHT culled from Pastor Tosan Omaghomi’s latest book on the ”UN” IRONY (a Campaign against Premarital Sex).



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